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Natural cosmetics, like kings and queens Part 1, Cleopatra’s scrub

Natural cosmetics, like kings and queens Part 1, Cleopatra’s scrub

Cleopatra's scrub is a recipe inspired by the beauty secrets of the great queen of Egypt, for a luminous, young and velvety skin
In previous posts dedicated to the INCI of the cosmetics we have seen that often, unfortunately, in products dedicated to the beauty of face and body irritating ingredients that can be even toxic or carcinogenic are added. However, the simplest products, prepared only with the necessary ingredients, are the best. And what could be simpler and more effective than beauty recipes taken from the great queens of history, famous for their charm and the care they dedicated to their body? With some changes to adapt these cosmetic recipes to the needs of modern times, of course. Today we will see the beauty tip that we have nicknamed the scrub of Cleopatra, a remedy really suitable for everyone, male and female, more and less demanding. Oat has been already known by ancients Egyptians thanks to its anti-inflammatory, cleansing and soothing properties. But Egyptian women used also milk and honey in order to moisturize their skin and make it soft and silky. A little secret worthy of Cleopatra that you can adopt for your beauty care? Dissolve a teaspoon of honey in a tablespoon of milk, add a tablespoon of whole grain oat flour, stir with a spoon and apply this scrub on the face by massaging with slow movements for a few minutes. Rinse with fresh water then use a tonic and your daily face cream for a bright and young skin.
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