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Natural cosmetics, like kings and queens Part 3, Cleopatra’s face mask

Natural cosmetics, like kings and queens Part 3, Cleopatra’s face mask

Mask with clay, milk and honey to cleanse, moisturize and purify the skin, a true Cleopatra's secret beauty
The posts that we are dedicating to the INCI of cosmetics, the label that reports, by law, all the ingredients of creams, face masks, shampoos, serums or conditioners, allow us to understand how often the cosmetics we use every day and that we think are beneficial can be, on the contrary, a cause of problems to the skin. Indeed, some substances often included in the formula to give consistency, creaminess or smoothing effect are irritating, can cause acne and blackheads, wrinkles or even can interfere with hormones or can be carcinogenic. So why not produce some cosmetics for personal use that take care of our beauty in a natural way? Today, we see a special mask, which we nicknamed the mask of the Nile because it is inspired by the beauty secrets of Cleopatra. The fame and beauty of Cleopatra, the most famous Egyptian queen, have arrived unchanged to us. And the same is for her beauty rituals in order to preserve and make bright her skin, so let’s take some Cleopatra’s little secrets! Cleopatra used to apply on the face a mask with Nile clay together with milk, honey and lemon. An amazing product with a purifying, moisturizing and skin-lightening action. Dilute in a tablespoon of milk a drop of honey, mix this milk with 1 tablespoon of white clay. Add the juice of half a lemon in order to enhance the cleansing power of the mask. An extra tip worthy of a true queen? Add two drops of myrrh essential oil, regenerating, anti-wrinkle and able to regulate the sebum production, and apply the mask on your clean face. Let it act for ten minutes then rinse. Use this mask in the evening because the lemon can make the skin sensitive if exposed to sunlight.
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