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Natural cosmetics, such as kings and queens Part 32, peach skin

August 02, 2020
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Natural cosmetics, such as kings and queens Part 32, peach skin

Peach oil is an anti-inflammatory and anti-aging cosmetic very useful against dry, scalded, irritated skin but also skin with dark spots caused by acne or sun

  1. Peach oil

It is said that when Alexander the Great ordered his army to cross the Ganges river and to arrive on the other side, where the enemy army was already lined up with elephants, his exhausted men refused. And one of the leaders and friends of Alexander the Great said to him, stop here Alexander, it is a sign of a great man to understand when enough. So it was that Alexander the Great had to retire and when death caught him, a few years later, at only 32 years of age, this gave to history the figure of one of the greatest leaders of the ancient world. A man who considered himself the son of Zeus, who rode a legendary horse, Bucephalus, who had been a pupil of Aristotle and whose empire extended from Greece to the current territories of Pakistan and Uzbekistan. But in the midst of wars, plans of attack, labors and hardships, there was also time for Alexander the Great to let himself be struck by beauty and nature. It was during the conquest of ancient Persia that Alexander the Great saw a peach tree for the first time. The beauty of this tree conquered the leader so much that he decided to bring this tree also in the Mediterranean basin. What had impressed Alexander the Great? Maybe the pink blossoms or the juicy fruits, who knows, we will never know. But we can certainly capture the beauty and magic of this tree, which Alexander the Great liked so much, and close our eyes, imagining a time when human events were linked to those of the gods, a time when a boy, believing himself to be the son of the father of the gods, carried out the greatest conquest work ever attempted before. How? We will see it in the next paragraph!

Peach oil

Peach tree, scientific name Prunus Persica, does not originate from Persia but from China, from which it then arrived in Persia and from there, thanks to Alessandro the Great, it was able to expand throughout the Mediterranean basin. From the kernel of its fruits, the peaches, a very delicate oil for the skin is obtained. This special oil contains linoleic, palmitic and linolenic acid (Kikalishvili et al, Georgian Med News, 2013). Linoleic acid protects the skin from irritation and dermatitis, prevents the skin from drying out since it preserves the integrity of the skin barrier, palmitic acid is rejuvenating and linolenic acid has an anti-aging action against skin blemishes caused by photo aging (Tzu Kai Lin et al, Int J Mol Sci, 2018 - Ando et al, Arch Dermatol Res, 1998). So you can use peach oil, which can be easily purchased online, as a regenerating massage oil for the body, against dry and irritated skin! But you can also apply two drops in the evening as an anti-aging serum on damp skin after spraying a floral water. This treatment helps fight spots and premature aging but also itches, dry and scalded skin! It is a light oil that is easily absorbed. Two more tips? If your skin has dark spots caused by acne or sun, you can add 4-5 drops of carrot essential oil to 50 ml of peach oil. Or, if your skin is dry and irritated, try 4-5 drops of blue chamomile essential oil in 50 ml of peach oil instead! Apply 2 drops of this powerful oil on damp skin. Peach oil, given its moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties, can also be useful in case of itchy scalp. In this case, after moistening the skin, massage a spoonful of this oil, leave it on for ten minutes then wash with your shampoo.

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