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Naturally beautiful Part 6, green, white and black tea, the liquid cosmetics

Naturally beautiful Part 6, green, white and black tea, the liquid cosmetics

May 12, 2019
Green tea, white tea and black tea aren’t just healthy drinks but also amazing cosmetics for skin, with an antioxidant action against wrinkles but also anti-inflammatory and sebum balancing properties useful in case of acne and oily skin, helpful in case of sunburns or if you want to prolong your tan
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A small leaf fell in a cup of boiling water of the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung that, delighted by the incredible aroma, decided that the new drink was heaven-sent. In this way, according to the legend, green tea was born. Nowadays green tea is one of the most studied and drunk drinks all over the world. Obtained from the leaves of Camellia sinensis, it is rich in polyphenols, that are powerful antioxidants that make it so healthy. The leaves, from which green tea is obtained, aren’t oxidized during the production process, on the contrary this happens partially in oolong and white tea and totally in black tea. The amazing properties of green tea reach us unchanged, directly from the lush hills where these powerful plants are grown. Among the antioxidants of green tea the most important are catechins and flavonoids. Among catechins the most abundant is epigallocatechin gallate, that, in addition to showing important anti inflammatory and anticancer effects on the body, has also a beneficial action on the skin. But let’s see better in detail.

Cosmetic properties of green tea, white tea and black tea

The application of green tea on the face has proved to be useful to counteract acne thanks to a double action. Indeed, green tea soothes inflammation but also is able to reduce sebum production (Saric et al, Antioxidants, Dec 2017). Moreover, green tea applied on skin has showed an antioxidant and photoprotective action, able to counteract the damages of the free radicals caused by UV rays and the skin aging. There are studies that have suggested also the ability of epigallocatechin gallate to repair DNA damages by showing, in this way, an anti cancer action (OyetakinWhite et al, Oxid Med Cell Longev, Jun 2012). The cosmetics that contain green tea are able to increase the moisturizing level of skin and counteract dry, rough and dehydrated skin (Gianeti et al, Dermatol Ther, May 2013). And what about white tea? Its antioxidant power seems even higher than green tea. Black tea, although contains less catechins than green tea, has higher amount of other types of flavonoids, such as quercetin, theaflavin and kaempferol. Scientific studies have observed that the topical application of black tea extracts on the skin before and after UV exposure has reduced the photodamaging signs and the skin inflammations (Stallings et al, J Clin Aesthet Dermatol, Jan 2009). How to exploit the amazing benefits of these different types of tea?

DIY preparations against acne, enlarged pores and wrinkles

First of all, you can prepare a tonic with green tea, very useful in case of acne, itching, irritations, enlarged pores but also to counteract wrinkles and to prolong tan. Prepare a green tea. Bring to a boil a cup of water, then remove from the heat and wait until the temperature reaches 70°C. Add 3 teaspoons of green tea and leave it to brew for ten minutes. Then filter and here you go your green tea. Drink the tea and save a tablespoon of this lotion to apply, once lukewarm, on the face. For a mature skin perfect is the white tea, bring to boil a cup of water, remove from the heat and wait that it reaches 80°C. Add 2 teaspoons of white tea and leave to brew for 15 minutes, then filter. Drink the white tea and save a tablespoon that can be applied on the face skin. Instead, in case of sunburns and red skin, the black tea is for you. The water should reach the boiling point, then remove it from the heat and add a teaspoon of leaves, leave to brew for 5 minutes, then filter. You can also clean your face with green tea, in the Video blog section you can find a video dedicated to the preparation of micellar waters with green tea and a light oil, such as jojoba oil, able to remove the excess of sebum, the more resistant make up and also to renew the tissues! Then, here for you another beauty tips. When you prepare the green tea to drink, don’t throw away the leaves but use them again to prepare an anti aging and anti inflammatory scrub, that will make the skin cleansed, luminous, soft and rejuvenated. In a bowl mix the green tea’s leaves with a tablespoon of sugar, pour a little water to make the cosmetic soft and apply right on face and body. Then rinse and apply your daily cream.

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