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November 09, 2016
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Help in case of digestive problems, indigestion, able to purify the blood, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, it is used to bring benefit in the case of urinary tract infections also accompanied by pain

Thelesperma, also called Greenthread, is a kind of plant belonging to the Asteraceae family widespread in America. The Native American tribes used this plant to prepare a tea with healthy properties. The drink, which takes the name of tea Navajo or Hopi tea, is prepared by boiling for five minutes about 6 cups of water with a bundle of the plant, in fact, once the Greenthread plant is harvested, washed and dried it is folded into small tied bundles. In this way you’ll get a tea that is helpful in case of indigestion, poor digestion and stomach problems. The Navajo tea has also diuretic properties that make these drink beneficial for kidney health and in cases of urinary tract infections, the tea purifies the blood and contains luteolin, a powerful natural anti-inflammatory. We have known this remedy thanks to a user of us, whom we thank for suggestion. If you live in America you will have no difficulty in finding this remedy, otherwise if you are lucky to make a trip to the US, this could be a good opportunity to try the Navajo tea. Otherwise you can find this remedy on the internet.

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