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Neem oil

Neem oil

Antiviral, antifungal, anti-parasite and disinfectant proprieties, helpful against mites and mold, animal parasites ad insects of plants, helpful to prevent lice, anti-dandruff action, remedy in case of cold sores
Neem oil is an oil pressed from fruits and seeds of an evergreen plant diffused especially in India and Burma with the name of azadirachta indica. For external use, it has antiviral, anti-parasite, antifungal, disinfecting and antibacterial properties.
Mites and mold, plant insects- Neem oil can be used against mites and mold, add 10-15 drops of neem oil to a glass of water and spray on curtains, sofa or pillows. This remedy changes the environment by making it uncomfortable for these formations. You can also spray it on plants against insects, fungi and parasites.

Parasites of the dogs and cats

Neem oil is an anti-parasite treatment for dogs and cats. It is possible to apply some drops on the dog- or cat- hair, or create a collar by soaking a piece of cloth in the neem oil or mix 3-4 drops of neem oil with water and then spray it on the pet, this treatment can be performed every day.


Neem oil is also very helpful to keep away mosquitos, add some drops to the stagnant water of the flower pot saucers. You can also apply neem oil on mosquito bites.


Against dandruff and lice try to add 10 drops of neem oil to your shampoo.

Antiviral action

Neem oil can be applied on cold sores (herpes simplex) thanks to its antiviral action.
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