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Oil pulling

January 14, 2018
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Oil pulling

Detox action, able to counteract plaque formation, cavities and results useful in case of inflammations of the gums, headache, migraines, eczema, dermatitis, stomach pain, intestinal pain, able to strengthen teeth and gums, reduces gum bleeding

The Russian doctor F. Karach presented for the first time to the Western world the oil pulling technique, the method of Ayurveda able to strengthen the teeth, the gums and the jaw, improves the health of the oral cavity and rejuvenates the skin. Although the oil pulling has been known in India for centuries, its diffusion in other countries is due to dr. Karach, which, in the ‘90s, described the oil pulling during a meeting of oncologists and experts in bacteriology of the Russian Academy of science. How does this work? At least once a day, usually in the morning before breakfast as soon as you wake up, because, during night, as a consequence of the normal detox processes of the body, bacteria and toxins are accumulated on the tongue and oral cavity, but also a few hours after the main meals if you have time, you can take a tablespoon of sesame oil, or sunflower oil or coconut oil and, without swallowing it, you should pull the oil between the teeth, on the gums, rinse the mouth for fifteen minutes. Then spit and rinse again the mouth with water. The oil has the function to capture the toxins and the bacteria and leaves the mouth healthier. According to the Russian doctor Karach, that performed many researches about oil pulling, this determines a reduction in the number of bacteria that cause cavities and bad breath, in addition to this, this technique may help also remove dental plaque and is beneficial in case of toothache, gum bleeding, headache, inflammations of the gums, intestinal and stomach problems, food poisoning, eczema and hives. In the last years other scientific studies have been performed in order to show the properties of oil pulling, an example is given by the research published in 2009 on the Indian Journal of dental research that has observed that the oil pulling done with sesame oil has been able to reduce, after ten days, the bacteria of the dental plaque and the plaque itself. A very recent study, published in 2017 on the Journal of clinical and diagnostic research by a group of Indian scientists, has observed that the coconut oil is able to take under control the levels of dental plaque while the review, published in 2017 on the International Journal of health science, reports the efficacy of sesame, sunflower and coconut oil in plaque reduction and reports also the beneficial effect in case of headache, migraines and eczema. In order to do the oil pulling it is better to use just organic extra virgin oils.

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