Olive, glycerin macerate

Remedy in case of hypertension, protective action on the heart thanks to its hypotensive and cholesterol lowering properties.
Olive, scientific name Olea europaea, is a tree belonging to the Oleacee family, symbol of peace and wisdom it is the subject of a lot of legends. According to an ancient Greek myth, the first sprig of olive grew from the spear of goddess Athena, after she struck with it the earth and it is always a sprig of olive that, in the Bible, was carried by a dove to Noah to say that the waters had receded from earth. Nowadays olive is considered also an important natural remedy and its glycerin macerate, obtained from the young shoots, is useful to counteract hypertension and plays also a protective role on the health of the heart. The olive glycerin macerate is indeed able to lower the cholesterol levels. You can take 30-50 drops of glycerin macerate from one to two times a day fifteen minutes before the meal. It is possible to take benefit also from the synergies with other glycerin macerates that can increase the power of olive in taking under control the blood pressure, in this case you can take the glycerin macerate of hawthorn or Crataegus oxyacatha, and the cholesterol, in this case you can take the glycerin macerate of almond tree or Prunus amygdalus. Pay attention if you are taking other medicines to control the cholesterol and the blood sugar levels because there can be interactions.
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