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June 22, 2016
Helpful for digestion, detox and diuretic action, useful in case of kidney stones, water retention, gout, rheumatism, cellulite, able to lower the levels of sugar in blood, to regulate blood pressure, remedy against cold, gastritis and bronchitis, treatment for wounds and sunburns, insect bites, relaxing action
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The onion can be eaten raw or cooked, you can also drink its herbal tea or prepare compresses. Onion stimulates digestion, is able to purify the intestine and it has a diuretic action, for this reason it is recommended if you suffer from kidney or bladder stones, water retention, gout or rheumatism. Onion helps also remove toxins and it has a powerful purifying and detox action. It is also helpful if you have high levels of blood sugar, cholesterol or if you suffer from high blood pressure. Onion can also prevent possible infections caused by wounds or sunburn or burns. Finally, the flavonoid contained in the onion ha also an anti-cancer effect. Let’s see some applications.

Raw– Cut onion into slices and add it to salads seasoned with a little oil: in this way you’ll get vitamin C and onion will help to regulate blood sugar and cholesterol, to lower blood pressure and it will have a diuretic and detox action. In case of insect or spider bites apply some slices of raw onion.


If you eat cooked onion, you will benefit from its powerful detox action, onion will also be helpful in order to improve digestion, regulate cholesterol, relax the nervous system and it results important in case of palpitations, stress but also cough and asthma. Onion is also useful against cold and sore throat.


You can blend onion and apply it in case of wasps and bees bites, wounds, sunburns, burns, this treatment will heal these issues.

herbal tea

Add two red onions, cut into slices, in one liter of boiling water, leave for 10 minutes then strain and drink during the day. This drink has detox properties and should be drank every season change for 3-4 days.

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