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July 03, 2016
High content of vitamin C, boosts the immune system, It helps to lower cholesterol and pressure, effective in case of water retention, appeases hunger, anticancer properties
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Orange is an important source of vitamin C, it has antioxidant properties, stimulates the immune system and improves the absorption of iron. Orange contains also vitamin B and P, mineral salts such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and fibers. Orange ha also anticancer properties and is rich in pectin, a fiber that lowers bad cholesterol LDL. Not only cholesterol lowering properties, orange reduces also the blood pressure. The fruit is diuretic, it is useful to reduce water retention and to satisfy the feeling of hunger. To maximize the properties of the orange, the fruit has to be eaten whole, without removing the white part, that contains a lot of substances useful especially to regulate blood pressure and cholesterol. The juice, that has to be drunk rigorously fresh, contains vitamin C and potassium, but not as much as the whole fruit. The peel should not be thrown, but added in the salad or other preparations, because it is rich in antioxidants, for this use it would be better to choose biological oranges.

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