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November 22, 2017
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Relaxation for eyes and mind, useful for those people who spend most of the time at computer or, in general, doing activities that cause eye strain with consequences such as difficulties in focusing things, dry eyes or burning eyes

The eye-care physician W.H. Bates studied, in the early 1900s, a technique in order to improve eyesight in case of myopia, astigmatism or other problems related to the eyes. Among the exercises proposed by Bates here we speak about palming, that has the purpose to relax the eyes and the mind in order to counteract stress, anxiety and vision fatigue that, according to dr Bates, can cause a lot of eye disorders. Although this method hasn’t a scientific basis it has improved life quality and a lot of aspects of eyesight of those people who practice these exercises, it is very likely that you will not remove your glasses but the relaxation technique will have important benefits especially nowadays. We spend indeed most of the day working at computer, with smartphone or tablet or reading and we make the effort to continuously focus on a very close distance, we don’t blink and the neck remains stiff. In the long term this behavior can cause tensions, difficulties for what concerns the focus at different distances, burning eyes, sensitivity to light and pain in the shoulders and neck. The palming in this case can really be helpful because plays a role in relaxing the eye muscles, brings relief and soothe tensions. The palming can be done in this way.

You are sitting close to a table, remove the glasses, if you wear them. Rub the hands together and warm them, then put your elbows on the table, your back straight. Cover your eyes with the hands without touching them, interlace the fingers on the forehead and close your eyes. Now, try to visualize a moving scene, for example a cornfield with the wheat swinging in a breeze or the sea with the waves crashing against the shore. Sometimes visualize a black figure that moves fast, for example a bird or a car. Do the palming when you have time, for five or ten minutes a day but, if you like to do palming for a longer period of time no problem, there aren’t limitations, there aren’t side effects. Remember however that the palming is a method that helps you relax the eyes and the mind and doesn’t replace doctor’s visit.

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