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January 04, 2017
Vitamins and mineral salts, thanks to the presence of fiber regularize the intestine and bad cholesterol levels in the blood, helpful in the prevention of diabetes, important source of phytoestrogens in menopause, blood purifying action
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The peas belong to the family of the Fabaceae or Leguminosae. The peas, the edible part of the plant, are contained within a pod. The peas can be found fresh, dried or frozen and are characterized by a high content of proteins, mineral salts, such as copper, zinc, manganese, and vitamins, vitamin A, B1, important for the proper functioning of the nervous system, C, PP. These legumes are rich in fiber, are therefore important to regulate the bowel and help to control the levels of LDL cholesterol, the bad one. In addition to this, peas help to purify the blood, stabilize blood sugar, resulting a help to prevent diabetes, and, given the content of phytoestrogens, may be useful to counter the symptoms of menopause. If you have the luck to be able to buy fresh pea pods, do not throw the pods away, you can use them to prepare a decoction with purifying and mineralizing properties. Try to cook for ten minutes 200 grams of pods in half a liter of water, then remove it from heat and leave to brew for 5 minutes, filter and drink during the day.

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