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October 19, 2016
Natural antihistamine, emergency remedy care in case of allergic reactions, source of essential fatty acids for healthy skin, immune system and heart, able to lower cholesterol
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Perilla frutescens, called also shiso or chinese basil, is an annual plant that belongs to the Lamiaceae species. It is mainly cultivated in the East where it is used to flavor soups and seafood dishes, the variety characterized by red leaves is used in a very famous seasoning, umeboshi, but you can find preparations of perilla in specialty shops. Perilla is a powerful anti-inflammatory and natural antihistamine: in case of allergies perilla represents a valid remedy to treat emergencies but also to prevent them. Its effectiveness has been demonstrated by scientific studies, which have proved that perilla is able of lowering quickly the levels of histamine, a molecule that is released during allergic reactions. The perilla finds application in the case of seasonal allergies or dermatitis, urticaria and asthma, and has no side effects typical of synthetic drugs such as drowsiness and difficulties in concentration. Perilla is also characterized by its high content of essential fatty acids, which improve the skin condition, immune system and cardio vascular system by controlling the levels of cholesterol. It is possible to find the perilla as oil or as tablets. Since it is also a blood thinner it is better to avoid perilla if you are taking anticoagulants and antithrombotic.

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