Vitamin C, retinol and beta-carotene, mineral salts including especially potassium, diuretic and laxative properties, energy, able to increase the defenses of the immune system, it seems that these fruits have a powerful action against aging processes and tumors, neuronal protection by acting on diseases such as diabetes, hypertension.
The persimmon tree, Diospyros Kaki or fruit of the gods, is a very ancient plant used in traditional medicine in China and Japan as a remedy for high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, angina. Recent studies have confirmed the reputation of " tree of the seven virtues" focusing on a molecule contained in the persimmon, the fisetin, which is reported to have a role in protecting neurons by preventing cerebral atherosclerosis, diabetes and hypertension. In addition to this, fisetin is also considered a molecule able to promote longevity thanks to its anti-aging mechanisms. It seems also that persimmons can help to boost the immune system and to prevent and fight cancer, although other studies have to be conducted to confirm these hypotheses. Persimmons contain also retinol and beta-carotene for healthy vision and bones, minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, iron and especially potassium, vitamin C. Persimmons provide energy and this property makes these fruits very suitable for those who practice sports or during periods of stress and fatigue. Finally, persimmons are diuretic and have laxative properties very useful in case of constipation.
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