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Phalaenopsis orchid

Phalaenopsis orchid

March 19, 2017
Purifies the rooms, able to absorb toxic substances such as xylene and toluene contained in paints, lacquers, upholstery, printers, pc screens
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Orchids are a family of perennial herbaceous plants belonging to the order of Orchidales. One of the best-known variety is the Phalaenopsis orchid, the most bought and appreciated. The orchid is not only aesthetically beautiful, with its colorful and delicate flowers, but can also help to clean up the environment from pollutants. Every room in the house, depending on how it is used, can contain different dangerous substances, therefore there are plants that are best suited to be placed in the living room, other plants are perfect for the kitchen or for the bedroom. The orchid, in particular, can be placed in the living room or where you study or work, in the rooms with video, PCs and printers, and even in the rooms where you sleep. In fact, the orchid is characterized by the fact that it releases oxygen at night. This plant helps to purify the air from xylene and toluene, substances that can be found easily in an apartment because they are contained in paints, lacquers, ceiling coverings, floor panels, PC monitors, printers, copy machines and upholstery. Unlike what is commonly thought, the orchid is not difficult to grow, it requires little light and it is enough to water it once a week. A good way to give the orchid water is to directly fill the vase with water, once the vase is filled to the brim, wait for about half an hour, then take away the plant from the vase and let it dry, dry the vase and the plant can be put back in place.

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