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October 11, 2017
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Helps to remove formaldehyde that can accumulate in the home or office

There are plants that are not just ornamental plants but also important tools able to reduce many types of toxic substances released by paints, lacquers, glues, cleaning products or printers in the rooms of houses or offices. These plants have been identified by a NASA study in the 1970s and generally belong to the two families of the Liliaceae and, as in the case of the Philodendron, the Araceae. Philodendron is an ornamental plant whose name derives from Greek, in fact philos means friend and dendron tree, referring to the fact that in its natural habitat of the tropical forests this plant grows by attaching itself to other trees. Philodendron is able to remove up to 86% of formaldehyde present in a room. Formaldehyde, indeed, is a substance used in the production of glues and solvents used for example in carpets and parquet, packaging, in chipboard or plywood, but is also contained in cigarette smoke. For what concerns the plant cultivation, the Philodendron needs a robust support that should be kept damp, it’s from here in fact that the plant takes nutrition. Remember to vaporize the plant and the support often, place the Philodendron in a bright room but not exposed to the direct sunlight. If you have pets, you may pay attention and look for a place for the plant that is not easily reachable because the Philodendron is toxic to dogs and cats causing gastric and kidney problems.

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