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Poppy seeds

Poppy seeds

July 06, 2016
Source of calcium, manganese, vitamin B and E, mild sedative and calming action for the nervous system, able to regulate the cholesterol, thanks to the high level of fibers are useful in case of constipation by regularizing the bowel function.
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The poppy seeds are oilseed used to make more tasty bread and sweets, they can be white or black, but the properties are the same. They are a source of vitamin B, vitamin E, manganese and calcium and are for this reason very useful to reinforce bones, teeth and during the menopause. In addition to this they have calming properties for the nervous system and, thanks to the contained phytosterols, are able to regulate the blood cholesterol, by reducing the bad cholesterol LDL and by increasing the good cholesterol HDL. Poppy seeds contain also antioxidants and fiber, are able to regulate the functioning of the intestine and are also useful in case of constipation. Poppy seeds are generally used for the preparation of baked goods, but you can also add them to the salads, muesli or to dishes such as cous cous. However it’s better not to exceed in quantity, that’s because the poppy seeds contain a lot of calories. Poppy seeds may contain, in small quantities, alkaloids similar to opium, thanks to the process to which they are subjected they lose almost all of these alkaloids, it is estimated a reduction of 90%, but in any case this seeds are not advised for children and pregnant women.

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