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January 08, 2017
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Vitamins and mineral salts, remedy against the inflammation of the gastric mucosa, useful in case of gastritis, colitis, ulcers but also sour stomach, anti-inflammatory action, anti-redness and soothing effect against acne, boils and burns, useful in case of toothache and neuralgia

The potatoes, with a yellow or white paste, but also with red skin, are tubers, rich in magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, important to control the pressure, vitamin C and B. Potatoes also bring carbohydrates, resulting therefore a high energy food. For the same reason those who have problems with diabetes, high levels of blood sugar or overweight should eat the potatoes carefully without exceeding in quantity and without eating them with other sources of carbohydrates such as bread and pasta. Vitamins and mineral salts are concentrated in the skin, so the advice is not to peel potatoes before cooking, in order not to lose these important substances. Potatoes also have anti-inflammatory properties for the digestive system, are useful in case of ulcers, gastritis and colitis, but a boiled potato can also be helpful in case of sour stomach. They are not just a food, also for external use potatoes are an interesting natural remedy. In case of acne or particularly large pimples, try to crush a few slices of raw potato and apply them on the skin. The raw potatoes are also useful for a prompt soothing action in case of burns: a slice of potato applied promptly on the burn helps to give immediate relief and contributes to speed the healing process. In case of toothache and neuralgia, instead, cut a baked potato and apply it on the part until the potato is getting cold. Potatoes contain a toxic substance, solanine, which, if taken in very large quantities, can cause cramps, weakness and headaches. This substance is abundant in sprouted potatoes and green ones, so avoid this type of potatoes. Finally a little trick: if you realize that the soup you're preparing is too salty, add a small potato, this will absorb the excess salt.

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