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September 21, 2016
Remedy for diarrhea, thanks to the healing and antibacterial properties a remedy to treat disorders of the mouth and gums, but also burns and wounds that do not heal
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Potentilla is a plant very rich in tannins with astringents, healing, cicatrizing and antibacterial properties. Potentilla is a remedy in case of diarrhea, inflammations of the oral cavity, mouth cold sores, but also in case of gingivitis, stomatitis, abscesses. Here's how to take it:


Prepare a decoction by taking 15 gr of dried root for half a liter of cold water and bring to boil. Leave to rest for 3-4 hours, filter and drink during the day in case of diarrhea.

Wounds, abscesses, rhagades

You can make compresses with the decoction of potentilla to treat irritated skin, rhagades and hemorrhoids, abscesses, gum diseases, burns or wounds that do not heal. Alternatively, in case of mouth cold sores, gum diseases and oral cavity inflammations you can use the decoction to gargle.


In case of inflammations of the oral cavity you can use the tincture to gargle by diluting 10 drops of tincture in a small glass of water.

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