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February 25, 2018
Anti-inflammatory properties useful to treat problems of the oral mucosa and the upper airways, useful in case of pharyngitis, bronchitis, stomatitis and canker sores, anti-catarrhal and cicatrizing action of the mucosa
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The privet, scientific name Ligustrum vulgare, is a shrub that belongs to the Oleaceae family. Known and appreciated for its ornamental role, it is commonly used indeed to delimit gardens and properties, it is also used in herbal medicine for its anti-inflammatory, cicatrizing and anti-catarrhal properties useful to treat especially the oral cavity and the upper respiratory tract. In particular, from the buds of the privet a powerful glycerin macerate is obtained, you can take 50 drops of this preparation from one to three times a day in a little water before meals. This remedy finds application to treat mouth ulcers, stomatitis and irritations that affect the oral cavity, bronchitis, both acute and chronic, pharyngitis or sore throat. To boost its effect, in case of pharyngitis or sore throat you can use the glycerin macerate of privet together with that of Juglans regia, namely common walnut, while in case of acute bronchitis the combination is with the glycerin macerate of Lonicera nigra, namely black-berried honeysuckle. As we said before, privet is a very common plant, however, avoid the do it yourself because this plant produces dark toxic berries. For this reason always ask the herbalists for this remedy.

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