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Powerful anti-inflammatory substance in case of diseases of the respiratory tract, sore throat, asthma, natural antibiotic, useful to heal small wounds, cold sores and ulcers in the mouth, energetic effect
Propolis is collected from tree buds and sap flows by bees, that mix it with enzymes and pollen. The result is a powerful anti-inflammatory substance, useful in case of asthma, inflamed throat and other infections of the respiratory tract. Propolis is also a natural antibiotic and a remedy against viruses and bacteria by fortifying the immune system. In addition to this propolis has also energetic and antifungal properties, helpful in case of candida and nail fungus. Propolis also helps to heal small wounds, small ulcers in mouth and herpes labialis or cold sores. To treat diseases of the respiratory tract, to fortify the immune system or in case of cold sores or candida take 25-30 drops of mother tincture of propolis twice a day. To treat aphthae, nail fungus and cold sores you can also apply some drops of mother tincture directly on the interested part.
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