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January 22, 2017
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Natural laxative, a remedy for constipation, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties useful in case of irritable bowel syndrome, colitis and diarrhea, helpful to keep blood sugar and cholesterol under control

Psyllium is a herbaceous plant of the Plantaginaceae family. The most interesting part, from the point of view of the properties, is represented by its seeds, small black seeds that can be used in case of constipation, but also to reduce the inflammation of the mucosa and to restore the peristalsis in case of colitis and irritable bowel. The psyllium seeds are rich in fibers and soothing mucilages, which, in contact with water, swell and form a gel very useful against constipation by stimulating evacuation. The psyllium seeds are also a remedy for dysentery and colic, since they can give a relief to the bowel movements thanks to the anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, in addition to this they can protect irritated mucous membranes by creating a barrier against bacteria, infections and other possible irritations. The seeds of psyllium also help reduce the absorption of fat, cholesterol and sugars in the intestine, for this reason they result helpful to keep blood sugar and cholesterol under control. You can take the psyllium seeds in this way: in the evening pour 2 teaspoons of seeds in a glass full of water, cover with a saucer and in the morning, half an hour before breakfast, drink the liquid and seeds. Be careful if you are taking medications, the seeds of psyllium in fact may reduce the intestinal absorption of these substances: for this reason avoid to take medications and psyllium at the same time and always ask your doctor. Finally avoid to take psyllium for long periods because excessive use can cause irritating and annoying effects such as flatulence and bloating.

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