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Raspberry leaves, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory

Raspberry leaves, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory

Against cystitis, colitis, but also menstrual pain, mouth ulcers and sore throat
When we think of raspberry, Rubus idaeus, our mind immediately goes to its fruits, delicious, fragrant and a small, but powerful, source of antioxidants. But raspberry is a truly extraordinary plant, capable of coming to the rescue of our health even with its leaves! And this remedy is widely recognized by the scientific world, which has dedicated several studies to investigate and demonstrate the beneficial effects of raspberry leaves. Raspberry leaves have also been included as a remedy in the British Pharmacopoeia since 1983. But let's see what raspberry leaves can do for our health.

Raspberry leaves, how they work

The beneficial properties of raspberry leaves are due to the presence of flavonoids, such as quercetin and kaempferol, and tannins, especially ellagic acid, which are powerful antioxidants. Indeed, flavonoids are present in even greater quantities in the leaves than in the fruit itself (Ferlemi et al, Antioxiants, 2016). Not only that, raspberry leaves also contain salicylic acid, an anti-inflammatory and analgesic substance (Ponder et al, Antioxidants, 2011).

Raspberry leaves against inflammation and sore throat

Raspberry leaves are useful for treating small inflammations of the oral cavity, such as canker sores, but also sore throats (Ferlemi et al, Antioxiants, 2016). Useful, in these cases, are gargling with raspberry infusion, the preparation of which is explained in the last paragraph.

Raspberry leaves against cystitis

Raspberry leaves are diuretic and help in case of inflammation of the urinary tract such as cystitis (Ferlemi et al, Antioxiants, 2016).

Raspberry leaves, useful in case of pain and gastrointestinal problems

An herbal tea of raspberry leaves is useful in case of abdominal cramps, also caused by irregular and abundant menstruation. This action is due to the presence of fragarin, a substance that helps relax the uterine muscles (Whitehouse et al, Br Med J, 1941). Not only that, this remedy can bring relief in case of diarrhea, colitis and stomach pain (Ferlemi et al, Antioxiants, 2016 - Rojas Vera et al, Phytother res, 2002).

Raspberry leaves, herbal tea and warnings

Bring a cup of water to a boil. Remove from the heat and infuse a handful of fresh raspberry leaves. Let it sit for ten minutes, then filter and drink. Pay attention in pregnancy. Although scientific studies have observed that taking raspberry leaf herbal tea can help with childbirth (Bowman et al, BMC Complement Med Ther, 2021), always ask your doctor for advice to assess your personal situation.
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