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Raspberry vinegar

Raspberry vinegar

Anti-inflammatory, digestive, draining, detoxifying and re-mineralizing properties
Dressing salad, legumes or cooked vegetables with vinegar to make each dish tastier is often an automatic gesture. But vinegar is not just a condiment that gives character to different recipes, it also has interesting healthy properties that depends on the type of vinegar. Yes, because there is not only wine or apple cider vinegar, but also berry fruit, honey, rice, coconut or raspberry vinegar. The raspberry vinegar is obtained from the fermentation of raspberries and is characterized by important anti-inflammatory properties, therefore useful in case of painful and inflamed joints. Moreover, this type of vinegar, with an intense aroma, has also a draining effect, is digestive, especially in case of a heavy and fat-rich meal, detoxifies and purifies the blood and improves microcirculation, thus helping to counteract water retention and also the feeling of cold hands and feet. You can use it to season salads, meats and fish, but don’t exceed with the quantity to not cover up the true taste of food, just a few drops of vinegar are enough. Alternatively, you can try to add a teaspoon of this special vinegar to a glass of water and drink in the morning before breakfast. This will help to cleanse the body from toxins but also to integrate vitamins and mineral salts, of which this vinegar is rich.
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