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Rice vinegar

Rice vinegar

October 22, 2017
Vitamins of group B and mineral salts, antioxidant and purifying action, antiseptic properties, helpful for the digestion, able to counteract the formation of intestinal gas, protective role on the liver shown by scientific studies

Rice vinegar is a dressing typical of the Asian continent and is obtained from the fermentation of rice by the bacteria of the genus Acetobacter. Rice vinegar generally has a more delicate flavor than wine vinegar but there are different varieties with different colors and flavors, you can find the classic rice vinegar with a light color and a strong flavor, black rice vinegar, which, as the name suggests, has a darker coloration and a bitter taste, and red rice vinegar, characterized by an amber color and a bitter-sweet flavor. Used in the preparation of sushi, but also as a seasoning for salads, vegetables or fish, rice vinegar has interesting beneficial properties for the body. It is a source of vitamins of group B and mineral salts such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron and manganese. But rice vinegar is also able to neutralize free radicals, viruses and bacteria, a feature that is very useful when you want to prepare sushi because this dressing eliminates the bacteria present in the food thanks to its antiseptic action. Rice vinegar is useful to counteract the feeling of heaviness caused by a poor digestion, as well as it is able to avoid the formation of intestinal gas. Finally, a 2011 study published on the Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition by a Japanese team has shown that a type of rice vinegar, kurozu, a Japanese rice vinegar obtained from the fermentation of whole black rice, has a protective role on the liver, in particular it would be able to inhibit the growth of liver cancer.

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