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Rosa rubiginosa

Rosa rubiginosa

April 02, 2017
Regenerating the skin, healing and anti-aging properties, useful in case of wrinkles, dull skin, skin spots, irritations, sunburn, acne, scars and stretch marks
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Rosa rubiginosa, also known as Rosa mosqueta, sweetbriar rose or eglantine, is a shrub of the Rosaceae family, widespread in the Andean region, particularly in Chile, it is also possible to find it in Europe. The fruits of this plant are very rich in seeds, which are cold pressed to extract an oil, the musk rose oil. This oil, for external use, has important anti-aging, healing and regenerating properties. In fact, this oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids omega 3 and omega 6, such as linoleic, gamma-linolenic and oleic acid, vitamin A for the regeneration of the skin, and antioxidants, such as vitamin E, which plays a protective role for the skin, by giving it tone in case of dull skin or with wrinkles and by protecting it from the weather and smog. In addition to this, the musk rose oil also helps to fight skin hyperpigmentation and age spots caused by sun damage or aging processes, helps soothe sunburn but can also be used to mitigate marks left by scars, stretch marks and acne. It has also a sebum regulating action. You can apply a few drops of pure oil on the face in the morning and in the evening before the cream or, in the case of localized spots or scars, apply a few drops on the affected area, do not exceed with applications or with the amount of oil because, especially if you have an oily skin and acne-prone, the risk is to worsening the situation by blocking the pores. You can find the musk rose oil in herbalist’s shops or in specialized stores, even online, but the advice is always to be sure of the biological origin and that the oil is 100% pure. Keep it in the refrigerator protected from light and heat because it is very delicate and can easily go rancid.

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