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Rosemary oil, the fluid of immortality

Rosemary oil, the fluid of immortality

June 27, 2021
Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, useful as anti-aging, against wrinkles but also in the case of acne-prone skin, soothes itching and dermatitis, even of the scalp, protects the beauty of the hair by counteracting its fall and stimulating microcirculation, antispasmodic and calming action, helps in case of cramps, abdominal pain and stomach pain, heavy periods, soothing for the mood, the aroma improves concentration
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Legend has it that Apollo fell madly in love with Leucotoe, daughter of the king of Babylon. However, the girl was kept segregated in the palace and by order of her father she could never be left alone. Thus it was that Apollo took the form of Leucotoe's mother in order to make her handmaids go away and be able to remain alone with the girl. But Clizia, a nymph in love with Apollo, insanely jealous, decided to report everything to the king of Babylon who condemned his own daughter to be buried alive. Apollo did not have the power to save Leucotoe but he did the only thing he was allowed to do. He diverted the sun's rays into the girl's grave. The girl slowly turned into a plant with an enchanting scent, with needles instead of leaves and delicious blue flowers, rosemary. Since that day, rosemary has been considered a symbol of immortality. And with good reason. In fact, beyond the myth, rosemary is a concentrate of properties. Today we will see how to make rosemary oil and what benefits this can have for our beauty. Therefore, in this article we will limit ourselves to the use of rosemary oil as a cosmetic.

Rosemary oil, properties

Rosemary, scientific name rosmarinus officinalis, belongs to the Lamiaceae family, the same as oregano, thyme and sage. Rosemary is also a valuable source of beneficial substances. By macerating the rosemary needles in oil, the fat-soluble active ingredients of the plant are extracted. In particular, the product obtained is characterized by antioxidant properties, capable of counteracting cellular degeneration and aging processes (Moore et al, Nutrients, 2016). Applied to the skin, rosemary oil helps make it more elastic and soft and counteracts dry and flaking skin (Montenegro et al, Pharmaceutics, 2017). Not only that, rosemary oil is antispasmodic and therefore useful in case of cramps, abdominal pain, even painful menstruation, and headaches if caused by tension (Tschiggerl et al, Sci Pharm, 2010). Not to forget the antimicrobial action of rosemary oil, which helps to speed up the healing of small wounds, counteracts itching and dermatitis, including that of the scalp (Tschiggerl et al, Sci Pharm, 2010 - Andrade et al, Future Sci OA, 2018). But rosemary oil protects also the beauty of hair by counteracting hair loss and stimulating microcirculation, for a bright and healthy hair (Panahi et al, Skinmed, 2015). Finally, the aroma of rosemary, when the oil is massaged on the temples, helps to improve memory, concentration and cognitive function and to counteract depression and mental fatigue (Rahbardar et al, Iran J Basic Med Sci, 2020).

Rosemary oil, preparation

Get a few bunches of fresh rosemary, wash it and dry it. Divide the needles from the branches and pour the needles into a glass jar. Cover the rosemary with a plant based oil, such as jojoba or sunflower oil. Close the jar with a gauze and cook in a double boiler over very low heat for 4-5 hours. Remove the jar from the double boiler and let it rest overnight. The next day, filter the oil and bottle in dark jars. Close with a lid and store in a cool, dry place.

Rosemary oil, uses

In case of cramps, stomach ache and painful menstruation, you can perform massages with rosemary oil. Pour a little product on the palm of your hand and make slow circular massages so that the product is absorbed. You can also apply a few drops on the temples and massage in case of headache or mental fatigue. In case of dry, irritated skin, with boils and blackheads but also mature skin you can apply a few drops of rosemary oil on damp skin. In this case, however, it is better to make the product with jojoba oil, which also helps regulate sebum production. Rosemary oil can also be useful for compresses on the scalp. Before shampooing, moisten the skin and apply a little product with a massage. Leave on for ten minutes, then rinse with your usual shampoo. In any case, before using the rosemary oil, for massages and as a mask, do a test on a small portion of the skin to make sure that no irritating reactions occur.

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