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Rubus fructicosus

March 08, 2017
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Rubus fructicosus

Astringent and anti-inflammatory properties, useful in case of diarrhea, acne, eczema, irritations, ulcers, cicatrizing and soothing effects on the mouth, canker sores, sore throat, stomatitis and hemorrhoids

Rubus fructicosus is a spontaneous bush belonging to Rosaceae family together with rose, strawberry, apple tree and raspberry. Its fruits, the wild blackberries, are delicious and have also important healthful properties against constipation, they improve digestion and soothe inflammations of the mouth and throat. But you can use also leaves, flowers and roots as a remedy to treat wounds and ulcers, to strengthen the gums, to heal hemorrhoids and against sour stomach or diarrhea. Remedy also for the skin in case of acne, eczema and irritations.

Herbal tea of flowers and leaves

Bring to boil a liter of water, when it boils remove it from heat and leave to brew for about ten minutes a handful of leaves and flowers. Filter and drink up to three cups a day.

Decoction of flowers, leaves and roots for external use

Boil a liter of water and two tablespoons of leaves, flowers and roots for some minutes, filter and once lukewarm use to gargle in case of sore throat, inflammations of the mouth, stomatitis, canker sores. Use also as a lotion for your face in case of acne or eczema or to prepare sitz-bath to treat hemorrhoids.

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