Rye, herbal remedy

Hepatoprotective action, aid in case of hepatitis, for the phase following hepatitis, cirrhosis, jaundice, plays also a beneficial role in the case of psoriasis.
Secale cereale, or rye, is not only an ingredient for a very tasty and healthy bread, but it is the basis of different herbal preparations, such as the glycerin macerate obtained from the young roots of the cereal. This remedy is particularly indicated to treat problems of the liver, such as hepatitis but it can also be used during the period that follows hepatitis with elevated transaminases, or in case of jaundice or cirrhosis. In fact, rye glycerin macerate is hepatoprotective and helps the liver to regenerate and improve its functions. In addition to this, the glycerin macerate of rye finds also application in case of psoriasis or dermatitis. You can take the glycerin macerate 50 drops from two to four times a day in a little water a quarter of an hour before the main meals. You can also combine the rye glycerin macerate with other macerates that work in synergy, for example, to treat liver diseases the combination is with the glycerin macerate of Juniperus communis, the juniper, while in the case of chronic hepatitis the combination is with the glycerin macerate of Corylus avellana, namely the common hazel.
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