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Aphrodisiac and energizing properties, useful in case of impotence and asthenia, diuretic action, remedy in case of gout, rheumatism, digestive and antifermentative properties, for swollen belly, diarrhea, helpful in case of cough thanks to the expectorant action
Satureja, also called savory, belongs to the Labiatae family. The name comes from satyr because of the aphrodisiac properties of the plant well known also by ancient Greeks, who dedicated satureja to Dionysos, the Greek god of grape harvest, wine and ritual madness. Savory has tonic, energizing, antifermentative, digestive, expectorant, against diarrhea, diuretic and aphrodisiac properties, the last reported also by the well known French herbalist Messèguè. Use this remedy in case of asthenia, impotence, swollen belly, diarrhea, acute and chronic, cough, bronchitis but also, thanks to the diuretic action, rheumatism and gout. Let’s see how to use savory.

Herbal tea

Prepare a tea by bringing to boil one liter of water, remove it from heat and leave to brew one tablespoon of dried satureja for ten minutes. You can drink from 2 to 4 cups a day.
Mother tincture: 30-40 drops from 1 to 3 times a day with a glass of water.

As a seasoning

You can add satureja to heavy food such as game meat or stew in order to improve digestion.
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