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Savoy cabbage

Savoy cabbage

March 09, 2016
Rich in healthy substances like vitamins and carotenoids, against peptic ulcer, thanks to the presence of fiber helpful in case of constipation, as herbal tea against asthma and bronchitis, for skin problems
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Savoy cabbage belongs to cabbage family and contains iron, potassium , selenium as well as vitamins such as vitamin C, K, E and carotenoids. These features make savoy cabbage a very important vegetable for the daily diet, since, according to studies, it has anti-cancer properties. So, add raw savoy cabbage to your salads. Savoy cabbage is also a source of fiber, very helpful in case of constipation. If you suffer from hypothyroidism it is better to eat savoy cabbage not more than twice a week because the cabbage contains substances that hinder the absorption of iodine by thyroid.

As herbal tea

Savoy cabbage can also be used to prepare a powerful herbal tea to treat asthma and bronchitis. Boil for one hour 60 gr of savoy cabbage leaves in half liter of water, strain and drink one glass a day. Do not throw away the cabbage leaves but use them for a dish, for example an omelet or as a side dish.

As juice

Blend one savoy cabbage into juice, drink one glass a day. This is a valid remedy against peptic ulcer.

Water in which savoy cabbage was cooked

This water is in fact rich in sulfur, use it and apply it on the skin in case of acne of skin inflammations.

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