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Schuessler salts

Schuessler salts

March 14, 2018
Method developed by a German physician in order to treat problems such as skin diseases, digestive problems or problems related to the bones as well as to the nervous system, without scientific basis
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Schuessler salts are part of a therapeutic method introduced in the second half of the nineteenth century by the German physician Schuessler. The method uses 12 preparations based on diluted inorganic minerals that, according to the studies of Schuessler, are always present in human blood and tissues. Each of these preparations may be able to influence different body functions on the basis of the consideration that the mineral salts are indispensable for a proper functioning of the organs and, as claimed by Schuessler, an imbalance of mineral salts my cause problems and diseases. For sure the theory of Shuessler is based on a consideration that is true, that is that these mineral salts are present in the body and are involved in a lot of processes. However the next step of the method, namely the integration in small amounts of the missing salts in order to form again the cell structure, to improve their vitality and heal in this way or prevent a wide range of diseases by stimulating also the cells to absorb in a correct way the mineral salts introduced with nutrition, doesn’t have, at the moment, a scientific basis. In addition to this, in 1946 the commissioner of Public Health in Australia, C. E. Cook, for what concerns one of the Schuessler salts, the kalium phosphoricum, said exactly that it did not have any healing effect. However, since this method is used even today and that these preparations can be easily found in chemist’s shops, also online, we have decided to report about this therapy. It is important to highlight that the Schuessler salts aren’t homeopathy but, according to the physician, are biochemistry because these preparations are obtained from the mineral salts indispensable for the health of the organs. Among the different problems that the method claims to treat, we can find, for example, problems related to the bones, rickets, osteoporosis, bone fragility (Schuessler salt: calcium phosphoricum) but also variations in the elasticity of the tissues with consequent formation of hemorrhoids or varicose veins (Schuessler salt: calcium fuoratum), digestive problems, sour stomach, diarrhea and vomit (Salt: Natrium phosphoricum), problems of the respiratory tract with catarrh and sinusitis (Salt: kalium chloratum) and skin diseases such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis (Salt: Kalium sulfaricum), but also the lack of vitality (Salt: kalium phosphoricum), spasms and cramp (Salt: magnesium phosphoricum), nervous system diseases (natrium chloratum), excess of liquids (natrium salfuricum), asthma and headache (Silicea), prolonged suppuration (calcium sulfuricum), inflammations (Ferrum phosphoricum).

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