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Sea buckthorn

Sea buckthorn

June 05, 2016
Tonic, able to fortify the body and the immune system, remedy and prevention in case of flu, cold, fever, rich in vitamin C, antiseptic and cicatrizing action, helpful in case of inflammations of the mouth and ulcers, anti-aging effect, against wrinkles and stretch marks
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Sea buckthorn is a tonic for the body and very helpful in periods of stress and weakness. It contains also vitamins, such as vitamin A, B, E and C, in a higher quantity than that contained in oranges and kiwi. For this reason, sea buckthorn is a valid remedy in case of flu, fever, cold, in order to heal such illnesses but also to prevent them. It has antiseptic properties, it is a relief indeed for inflammations of the mouth and ulcers, antioxidant and anti-aging effects.

Glycerin macerate

Take 20 drops of glycerin macerate twice a day, with a little water.


You can massage the sea buckthorn oil on the skin of your face: this will have a powerful action against wrinkles and spots. Apply this oil also after the shower in order to help your skin in case of dry skin and stretch marks.


Creams based on sea buckthorn are very useful in case of dermatitis, burns and irritations.

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