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Sencha green tea

Sencha green tea

October 08, 2017
Vitamins and mineral salts, helps to support the immune system and concentration, health of the teeth, able to lower cholesterol and sugar levels in blood, high contents of epigallocatechin, an anti-tumor flavonoid
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A Chinese legend says that the discover of tea, 5000 years before Christ, was made by emperor Shen Nong, who used to boil water to purify it. One day, a leaf carried by the wind landed inside the cup. The Emperor was fascinated by the aroma and the color that came from it. But actually, the exact origin of tea is unknown, but what is certain is that this drink has been well known and appreciated for a long time thanks to its taste and its powerful properties. Although there are different varieties of tea, green, black, oolong and white, the plant is always the same, Camelia Sinensis, just the production process is different. In this article we deal with a variety of green tea, sencha tea. Sencha is a Japanese green tea rich in healthy properties. It is a type of tea that grows in full sunlight, it is characterized by a fresh scent and is produced by using only the first harvest of May with very fine and soft leaves. Sencha, like all green tea, brings vitamins, including C, important for the immune system, group B very helpful for the nervous system, brain and concentration, but also K for wound healing, and mineral salts such as zinc, potassium, magnesium, fluoride for the health of the teeth. Sencha contains substances able to lower cholesterol and blood glucose levels, but, above all, it supplies an anti-tumor flavonoid, epigallocatechin. In the book Les aliments contre le cancer, written by Richard Beliveau and Denis Gringas, several types of green tea are analyzed to study their epigallocatechin intake. It has emerged that sencha tea is one of the tea with the highest content of epigallocatechin, together with another Japanese green tea, the gyokuro. To prepare a good sencha tea, the water should not reach the boiling point but a temperature of about 70 ° C, then take it off and infuse a teaspoon of sencha per cup for a time ranging from 8 to 10 minutes, in order to have the maximum amount of antitumor substances. Sencha is a tea to drink in the morning, not suitable for the afternoon or evening due to the presence of caffeine.

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