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November 20, 2016
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Source of calcium, vitamins B and E, other minerals such as iron, manganese, selenium, zinc, healthy for teeth and bones, preventing osteoporosis, LDL cholesterol control, able to strengthen the immune system and to provide energy, useful in periods of convalescence and tiredness

The sesame, like all oilseeds, can be considered an excellent supplement: it brings calcium in significant quantities, a tablespoon of sesame contains 100 milligrams of this mineral, but also iron, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, zinc and selenium, and vitamins , especially the group B and E. Thanks to the large amount of calcium contained, eating sesame becomes very important for the health of teeth and bones and to prevent osteoporosis. The sesame helps to control cholesterol, by avoiding that a part of cholesterol derived from food is assimilated and by regulating also the production of cholesterol by the liver. This oilseed is also a source of energy and is a good tonic in case of convalescence and fatigue by strengthening the immune system. You can add the sesame to the breakfast muesli, in baked goods or salads. Sesame is the base of gomasio, a condiment made by mixing sea salt and toasted sesame seeds, ideal for salad dressing because it brings taste but limits the amount of salt, that if in excessive amounts can cause a rise in blood pressure. Also the tahini, a cream used to flavor dishes, vegan cheese, salads or simply spread on bread, is made with sesame. Finally a note: there are actually three varieties of sesame, white sesame, less rare, black sesame, harder to find, and the red sesame, more rich in iron, but all the three varieties have similar properties.

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