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Silver birch

Silver birch

The buds help to fight inflammations and infections, rhinitis, gout and rheumatism, the seeds are useful in case of mental fatigue, anxiety, memory and concentration problems, help before and during exams
Silver birch, also known as Betula pendula or warty birch, belongs to the Betulaceae family, it is a very resistant tree about 20 meters tall with a white and smooth bark. From this type of plant two glycerin macerates with different applications are prepared, one obtained from the buds, with anti-inflammatory properties, while the other, obtained from the seeds, is used as a support for cognitive functions. But let's see better in detail.


Silver birch buds stimulate the activity of the reticulo-endothelial system, which is part of the immune system, and are useful to fight infections and inflammations. For example, they may be helpful in inflammatory states of the mucosa, rhinitis, even those of allergic nature, gout, rheumatism and arthrosis. In these cases, you can take 50 drops of silver birch buds glycerin macerate per day.


The seeds act as a tonic and as a stimulant of cognitive functions such as memory and concentration. You can use the remedy in case of intellectual fatigue, anxiety related to a very intense intellectual work, memory disorders, depression but also during exam preparations. You can take 50 drops of glycerin macerate in a little water before breakfast. In case of exams, you can start taking the remedy about a month before.
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