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Silver fir

Silver fir

Against recurrent airway infections such as bronchitis, rhino pharyngitis, tonsillitis and otitis, also in combination with dog rose glycerin macerate, the remedy has also a remineralizing effect, helps in case of rickets, osteoporosis, fragile bones
The silver fir, Abies Alba, belongs to the Pinaceae family and is characterized by a silver gray bark that has small cavities containing turpentine, a resin with balsamic and anti-inflammatory properties, used in case of cough, bronchitis but also gout and rheumatism. It is also used in the industrial field for the preparation of paints. From the silver fir buds, a glycerin macerate with beneficial properties for the body is obtained. The glycerin macerate of silver fir helps indeed to fight off recurrent airway infections, such as bronchitis, rhino pharyngitis, tonsillitis or otitis. The remedy is remineralizing and promotes calcium fixation in the bones, this effect is useful in case of rickets but also in case of osteoporosis and delay in fracture healing. The glycerin macerate 1 DH can be taken, before breakfast, 30-50 drops per day in a little water. Against recurrent rhino pharyngitis it may be helpful to combine the dog rose (Rosa Canina) glycerin macerate.
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