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Slow Cosmetique, How to clean your face Part 1, Oil cleansing

Slow Cosmetique, How to clean your face Part 1, Oil cleansing

How to clean your face with a plant based oil for a luminous skin, to remove sebum, make up and impurities without using aggressive products that can worsen acne and skin irritations
Slow Cosmetique is a movement born in Belgium thanks to Juliet Kaibeck but its fame is growing very fast with the aim to make people more conscious about the cosmetics that they are using on their body. Knowing the ingredients used in the products in order to avoid those considered dangerous or irritating such as silicones or mineral oils and to prefer those that respect hair and skin, but also appreciating all the body without trying to change it with invasive actions, this is slow cosmetique that teaches to take time for ourselves and that makes every gesture a unique moment. Among all the actions on our skin washing and cleansing face in the morning and in the evening is one of the most important. A good cleansing indeed removes the impurities, the excess of sebum, the make-up, it makes the skin luminous and elastic. When we speak about cleansing it is easy to think about soap, maybe with a lot of foam. The problem is that soap, especially if it makes a lot of foam, may result very aggressive on the skin because it affects the protective hydrolipidic film. The skin is, in this way, more sensitive to bacteria and, in addition to this, it should also overproduce sebum in order to replace the sebum that has been removed, here you go oily skin, blackheads and pimples. A good way to clean your face, according to a tradition of Oriental women, is to use a plant based oil, able to respect the skin and at the same time to remove all the traces of make up, the excess of sebum, impurities and air pollution that deposits on skin. In fact oil dissolves oil! For this action take a wet cotton pad, pour a little plant based oil and pass this pad on the skin. You’ll see how easily all the make-up is removed, also on the eyes! Then wash the face with lukewarm water. Which type of plant based oil is better to use? Very good and suitable for all type of skin is jojoba oil, but very good are also sesame or apricot kernel oil as well as grape seed oil. You can choose the oil you like the most, or the oil that you have at home and the result is guaranteed. Finally, this method can be used by everybody, also if you suffer from blackheads and oily skin, for the reasons explained above.
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