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Slow Cosmetique, How to clean your face Part 2, the clay

Slow Cosmetique, How to clean your face Part 2, the clay

Clay for a correct morning cleansing of the face, removes impurities, bacteria and sebum and makes the skin luminous
As we have already seen in a previous post, the Slow Cosmetique is a movement that focuses the attention on the conscious choice of the products that we apply on the body and that considers very important also the time that we dedicate ourselves. The cleansing of the face is a very important moment that should take place in the morning and in the evening without using aggressive products, however, most of the soaps that can be found on the market are aggressive because they affect the hydrolipidic film of the skin and remove its defenses. This opens the way to irritations, rashes and acne. We have seen that a way to clean the face, especially in the evening, is the oil cleansing method by using a plant based oil, like jojoba, apricot kernel or sesame oil, to remove impurities, excess of sebum and make up. Another method, that can be used preferably in the morning since it does not remove the make-up, is given by the clay. Clay is an excellent detergent, absorbs excess of sebum, bacteria and impurities that have accumulated during the night, in addition to these characteristics clay acts also as a mild scrub by removing the dead cells and making the skin very luminous. The clay is emulsified with a teaspoon of vegetable oil, you can choose jojoba oil or apricot kernel or sweet almond oil, and a little water to obtain a soft paste. Apply the mask to your face by massaging with your fingers and, if you have time, you can leave it on for a few minutes. Then rinse well with lukewarm water, apply a tonic and your usual cream. The vegetable oil makes the cleaning more delicate, if you wish, you can also do without it, but in this case the action will be deeper and stronger. As for the type of clay, in the shops you can find the white clay, neutral and more delicate, useful in case of sensitive skin, acne and irritations, the green clay, able to perform a very deep cleaning, the yellow and pink clay, very delicate, the former has also a detox effect while the latter is moisturizing and disinfectant. A final note, when you add or stir clay, do not use anything, spoon or bowl, in metal, because it could absorb small amounts of metals that could be toxic. Prefer glass, plastic or wood.
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