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Sophora Japonica

November 26, 2017
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Sophora Japonica

Antioxidant and antithrombotic action, able to strengthen and to alleviate the inflammation of the blood vessels, helpful in case of swelling of the lower limb and hemorrhoids, against capillary fragility

Sophora japonica, also known as Japanese pagoda tree or scholar tree, is a plant belonging to the Fabacee family native to Central Asia. This plant has a beautiful ornamental role and, in addition to this, also beneficial properties for the health of the circulatory system. From the flowers of the Sophora Japonica, indeed, rutin is extracted, from which the troxerutine is obtained, a flavonoid characterized by antioxidant and antithrombotic action useful against venous stasis, capillary fragility, swelling of the lower limbs and hemorrhoids, it results able to strengthen the walls of the blood vessels and to counteract inflammations. This action is proven by scientific studies, such as that reported in 2016 by the Food Chemistry magazine and performed by a team of the University of Pune, India, which specifically refers to the antithrombotic action of the substance and shows its ability to act against free radicals and oxidative stress. You can use the Sophora Japonica in the form of tablets, which you can find in chemist’s or herbalist’s shops, or as a gel to apply locally.

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