Astringent action, good remedy in case of diarrhea, soothing, toning and anti-inflammatory properties, helpful for sensitive skin prone to acne, dull skin or that showing signs of aging..
Rowan berries, the fruits of sorbus, also known as rowan, are rich in vitamin C and have astringent, diuretic, inflammatory and soothing properties. They find application either against diarrhea or in case of acne.


To treat diarrhea try to boil 5 gr of dried fruits in a cup of water for a few minutes, filter and drink.


You can use the pulp of the fruit to create masks to apply on facial skin in case of irritations, enlarged pores, dull skin but also in case of wrinkles and signs of aging. In order to have a glowing and compact skin blend a handful of rowan and rice flour in a blender, apply on face for 15 minutes two times a week for a month.
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