Strawberry tree

Antiseptic properties for the urinary tract, antioxidant effects, useful in case of diarrhea, anti-inflammatory action, helpful for the circulation in case for varicose veins and phlebitis, remedy in case of sore throat thanks to the balsamic properties.
Strawberry tree is a plant with healthy properties, localized especially in the leaves, but also the fruits have healthy effects but to a lesser extent. Strawberry tree has antiseptic properties, important for the urinary tract, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects and is a valid help for circulation. You can take it as decoction, mother tincture or honey.


In case of varicose veins or phlebitis try the decoction with the leaves of strawberry tree. Add 1 teaspoon of leaves of strawberry tree to a cup of cold water, heat to boiling and boil for 5 minutes, strain. Drink it twice a day.

Mother tincture

In case of cystitis or diarrhea use the mother tincture: 40 drops of mother tincture of strawberry tree in a glass of water twice a day.


The strawberry tree honey is very useful for its action in case of sore throat or cystitis.
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