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Sudoku, beneficial training for the brain

Sudoku, beneficial training for the brain

May 06, 2020
Improves brain performance, attention, memory and reaction times
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Sudoku is a logic game that is widespread and appreciated all over the world. Sudoku looks like a grid divided into 9 squares, which, in their turn, contain 9 cells. The aim of the game is to insert in the empty cells a number chosen between 1 and 9 so that each cell, row and column has all the numbers between 1 and 9 without repetitions. Sudoku represents a challenge with oneself, a pleasant pastime, a puzzle. Exercising with sudoku, regardless of the final result, helps the brain processes with important benefits reported by scientific studies. So let's see what science says about it.

Sudoku, benefits proven by scientific research

According to scientific studies, occupying the mind trying to solve sudoku helps improve spatial and episodic memory, which is the memory of all the events of our life, two types of memory that tend to deteriorate with aging (Ferreira et al, Int J Geriatr Psychiatry, 2015). And the more you train with word-based puzzles, such as crossword puzzles, or number-based puzzles, such as sudoku, the more benefits you have regarding brain functioning, with improvements in attention, memory and reasoning skills as if the brain was ten years younger (Brooker et al, Geriatric Psychiatry, 2019). Not only that, a daily Sudoku exercise for 6 months has been shown to benefit people with Parkinson's, improving cognitive performance and reaction times by protecting brain resources. In fact, what scientists believe is that sudoku is able to help correct some imbalances that are observed in this disease (Nombela et al, Front neurol, 2011).

Sudoku, where to play

A sudoku grid is present in almost all newspapers or magazines. The advice is to arm yourself with a pencil, pen and eraser to insert the numbers of which you are not sure in pencil and write them only later with a pen. Since sudoku is a pleasant, stimulating and also beneficial exercise for the brain, we have included a section dedicated to this game in the app. Because Natural Remedies is all that helps to take care of yourself and the people we love in a simple way and available to everyone. So, from today, you can go to the Sudoku section, accessible from the Healthy lifestyle section, choose a level and enjoy this special time. Without anxiety, the game is not timed and has no points and you can resume it whenever you want!

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