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Sweet almond oil

May 02, 2018
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Sweet almond oil

Soothing, moisturizing, elasticizing and nourishing properties, useful to counteract stretch marks, also helpful in case of chapped and irritated skin, or in case of itching, burns and eczema, perfect as a massage oil alone or combined with essential oils based on the need

Sweet almond oil is a plant based oil obtained, as the name suggests, from the cold pressing of sweet almonds, the seeds of Prunus dulcis. This oil, thanks to the presence of unsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins A, E and B, mineral salts and phytosterols, is well known and appreciated for its particularly moisturizing, soothing, elasticizing and protective properties that make it an ideal oil for the most delicate skin and also for children. The sweet almond oil helps regenerate the tissues and is particularly recommended in case of chapped skin, like that of hands, heels or elbows. It is useful also to treat irritated skin, for example after depilation, or in presence of eczema or burns and is helpful to fight the formation of stretch marks. For this reason sweet almond oil may be really helpful during pregnancy or during and after slimming diets in case of overweight. In this case, it is better to apply the oil on the body after a bath or a shower, when the skin is damp in order to facilitate the absorption of the oil. But sweet almond oil is also an excellent massage oil, alone or with the addition of essential oils for a personalized massage. For example, you can mix a tablespoon of sweet almond oil and 2-3 drops of rosemary essential oil for an anti-inflammatory massage, ideal in case of joint or muscle pain.

Moreover, by adding the bitter orange essential oil you can get a massage useful to counteract cellulite but also with a soothing action. In the section dedicated to essential oils you can find many combinations to meet every need. It is better to use sweet almond oil only for body massages and not to apply it on face, in fact this oil has a comedogenic action, namely it clogs the skin pores and could worsen acne and blackheads in case of oily and impure skin. But if you do not have acne-prone skin, you can use sweet almond oil as a make-up remover. Just pass on face and eyes a wet cotton pad on which you have poured a few drops of oil and then rinse off with plenty of warm water, the make up, even the most stubborn, will disappear without too much effort.

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