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Boosts the immune system, digestive properties, remedy for stomach cramps, antiseptic and antibacterial action, powerful remedy for acne, pimples, wounds but also bruises, helpful to treat toothache and sore throat
Thyme is an aromatic plant that has tonic properties for the body, therefore it is ideal in case of tiredness or exhaustion, it strengthens the immune system and has a digestive and antispasmodic effect in case of stomach cramps. Thyme has also a diuretic effect, thus it is a remedy in case of water retention, rheumatism and gout. This aromatic plant helps in the treatment of respiratory diseases such as colds, bronchitis and cough. For external use thyme can be applied on bruises or sprains and, thanks to the antiseptic and antibacterial function, thyme is a remedy for burns but especially for acne. Indeed, according to a research of 2012 performed by a group of scientists of the Leeds Metropolitan University and presented at the Society for General Microbiology conference held in Dublin in 2012, the tincture of thyme is able to effectively fight acne bacteria without the side effects of the creams currently used.

Herbal tea

Prepare an infusion by adding a sprig of thyme per cup of water, leave to brew for ten minutes, filter and drink up to two cups a day. A cup of this herbal tea can be drunk in the evening, also to prepare for the cold season, it can indeed strengthen the immune system and is also able to prevent the illnesses typical of the period.

Compresses for external use

For wounds, bruises, pimples prepare an infusion by adding 2 handfuls of thyme in a quart of boiling water, let it stand for ten minutes, filter and once warm, apply to the affected area. In case of acne you can also try to apply some thyme tincture drops to the affected area.


In case of toothache or affections of the throat, prepare gargling by adding a handful of thyme in two liters of water. Bring to a boil and let simmer for fifteen minutes.
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