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May 29, 2016
Rich in vitamin E and C, antioxidants such as lycopene, mineral salts, diuretic action, protection against sun damages, remedy in case of acne and oily skin
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The tomato plant belongs to the nightshades family, Solanaceae. The fruit of the plant is very low in calories, rich in water and with mineral salts, such as potassium, that helps the body in case of weakness and cramps, then iron, zinc and phosphorus. Tomato has also vitamins, especially vitamin C and vitamin E, and a very powerful antioxidant: lycopene that, according to many studies, is a protection against cancers and age-related issues. The studies say also that the best way to take lycopene is by cooking the tomato and by adding also olive oil: for this reason the healthiest way to eat tomato is the tomato sauce. Tomato has also diuretic properties, in this case it is better to eat raw tomato in salad. If you suffer from constipation the fibers in the tomato peel can be very helpful and the tomato can improve the digestive process. But if you suffer from sour stomach it is better not to exceed with tomatoes. Finally tomato is an ally of skin. According to scientific studies, the lycopene protects the skin form the sun damages, for this reason a good tomato sauce with olive oil is very helpful in order to fortify and protect your skin. In addition to this, if you have acne and oily skin try to blend the pulp of a tomato and apply it in the part for half an hour, then wash. Do this for two weeks.

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