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Turmeric oil, the amazing oil for beauty and health

March 27, 2019
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Turmeric oil, the amazing oil for beauty and health

For internal and external uses, results useful for the beauty of hair and skin, digestive, antifungal, anti inflammatory action, able to strengthen the immune system and to protect the brain, regenerates the tissues, healing action, useful in case of dandruff, psoriasis and dermatitis

Turmeric, scientific name Curcuma longa, is a plant native to Asia. Its orange root is characterized by amazing healthy properties and can be found as a powder or whole root. Thanks to an active substance, the curcumin, the spice shows antimicrobial properties, thus resulting useful to counteract virus and bacteria, and an anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antioxidant and anticancer action.

In addition to this, turmeric is also able to protect the brain from degenerative illnesses such as Alzheimer and to counteract anxiety and stress (Hewlings et a, Foods, Oct 2017 - Kocaadam et al, Crit Rev Food Sci Nutr, Sep 2017 ).

Moreover, turmeric is digestive and protects the health of the gut because it stimulates the bile production and rebalances the bacteria flora (Shen et al, Food Nutr Res, Aug 2017).

Infused oil and uses

A very interesting way to take turmeric is represented by turmeric infused oil, rich in curcumin, the active substance of turmeric. Since curcumin is fat soluble this component is absorbed by the oil where the spice is melted by transferring also its amazing properties for health. This oil can be used both for cooking and as a cosmetic. For what concerns the internal use, for example when added to salads with some ground black pepper or to a slice of toasted bread, it fights the free radicals and the aging processes, helps improve digestion, strengthens the immune system and protects the brain. The preparation in the form of infused oil makes easy taking turmeric with a complete control of the dosage, a very useful characteristic in case of children or for those people who suffer from kidney stones.

As for the external applications, turmeric oil is beneficial for the beauty of hair and skin. Indeed, according to scientific studies, the topical application is useful in the healing processes of wounds, it can treat dermatitis, dandruff and psoriasis but also is able to counteract dark skin spots, wrinkles and cracked skin (Kguyen et al, J Drugs Dermatol, Oct 2013 - Thangapazham et al, Adv Exp Med Biol, 2007). In order to get benefits for the skin you can use some drops of turmeric oil and apply them as a serum on face and neck, in this way you’ll have an anti aging and anti wrinkle action, an effect against dark spots and a soothing action in case of skin irritations and dermatitis. Turmeric oil should be applied on damp skin or it can be mixed with another plant based oil, a good choice is represented by argan oil in case of mature skin or jojoba for young skin, in this way you will have also a sebum balancing and anti-acne action.

Then, in order to counteract dandruff, try to mix a teaspoon of the turmeric oil to your shampoo. In case of cracked skin, mix a teaspoon of turmeric oil to a tablespoon of sweet almond oil and massage on the part until it has been completely absorbed. Just don’t use too much turmeric oil on your skin because the risk is that the skin becomes a little orange.


You should have a glass jar, pour 250 ml of extra virgin olive oil in case you want to use this preparation as a food, sunflower seed oil for the cosmetic use. Add three tablespoons full of turmeric powder, mix and close the jar. Cover the jar with some aluminum foil in order to prevent the light damage of the properties of the spice. Leave the oil to rest for 3 weeks and stir or shake every day the oil. After 21 days, strain the oil in a dark glass jar and the infused oil is ready!

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