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Vegetable garden, health and relax Part 2, thyme, lettuce, rocket and violets

Vegetable garden, health and relax Part 2, thyme, lettuce, rocket and violets

April 08, 2020
Properties, uses and care of thyme, lettuce, rocket and violets
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Taking care of the garden is good, for health and mood, it helps remove anxiety, keeps the mind occupied making it free and creative, able to follow its potential and talents. That's why we decided to start this section dedicated to properties, uses and ways of growing herbs, flowers and plants that are available in supermarkets or nurseries in this period. Last time we talked about rosemary, primroses and basil, today it's the turn of thyme, lettuce, rocket and violets!


Thyme is antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antiseptic (Lorenzo et al, Crit Rev Food Sci Nutr, 2019). You can add a pinch to your culinary preparations or you can make it dry and use to prepare powerful herbal teas. Thyme tea can be used to gargle in case of sore throat or toothache, for compresses against pimples or acne, or to drink in order to strengthen the immune system. To see these preparations you can consult the article we have dedicated to thyme. Thyme is a simple plant to grow as it is very resistant and does not require frequent watering unless it is still a young seedling or in case of great drought, but in general watering it once a week is fine.


Eating lettuce helps to reduce bad LDL cholesterol and counteracts free radicals thanks to the contained substances such as vitamin C, E and carotenoids (Nicolle et al, Clin Nutr, 2004). Not only that, lettuce also provides fiber, mineral salts, such as calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc and selenium, and vitamins, such as group B, A, K (FDA Database). Lettuce needs frequent watering, but it is important not to wet the leaves directly and not to water in times of great heat, in this case it is better to postpone the watering until the evening.

Rocket salad

Don't miss the rocket salad! This herb is in fact a true concentrate of health. Rocket salad is diuretic, antioxidant and protects the stomach. In fact, scientific studies have shown that rocket salad acts by counteracting the formation of gastric ulcers (Alquasoumi et al, World J Gastroenterol, 2009). This plant can be added to salads, it can also be used raw as a final dressing on pizza but it is also the main ingredient of a delicious pesto, you can find the recipe in the Healthy Food section. As for cultivation, if you purchased the seedlings you just have to transplant them in pots or in the vegetable garden and water them. The watering should be given in small quantity but regularly to avoid stagnation or, on the contrary, dry soil. Instead, if you use the seeds, sow them broadly and cover them lightly with soil. The seedlings should appear after a week. At this stage ensures frequent irrigation that can then become less frequent as soon as the seedlings have taken root.


Violets bring color and joy and illuminate our home and life. And then they are also easy to grow! In fact, violets have a good resistance to cold. As for the watering, the soil should always be kept moist, this is the indicator for adjusting with irrigation.

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