Ventilated green clay

Ventilated green clay

Acne, oily skin, joint pain, arthritis, high cholesterol, gastritis.

green clay wrap

Three tablespoons of green clay and water until you obtain a dense compound, put it on the part of your body that needs: in case of acne put the compound on your face, wait 15 minutes then wash the face, in case of joint pain put the compound on the joint, cover with a cotton cloth and leave on for a couple of hours, then rinse- NOT for internal use.

Drink nr 1

A teaspoon of ventilated green clay dissolved in a glass water and allow it to stand for a whole night, the next day the clay will settle to the bottom of the glass, drink the water. You can follow this procedure in case of high cholesterol.

Drink nr 2

A teaspoon of ventilated green clay in a glass of water, drink it before meals for one month in case of gastritis.
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