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April 22, 2018
Benefits for the cardiovascular system and for the muscles, able to improve memory, concentration and mood, helpful in case of water retention, cellulite, swollen legs, to counteract obesity and overweight and also some types of cancer
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Walking, the easiest and most spontaneous form of physical activity, is also a natural remedy. We don’t give enough importance to it but it can bring a lot of benefits, vitality and wellbeing. In fact, more than 2000 years ago Hippocrates, a Greek physician considered the father of medicine, argued that walking is the best form of medicine. A constant and regular practice helps remove tensions, tones the muscles and makes elastic and flexible ligaments and tendons. Walking improves the blood circulation and the resistance of heart, lowers the blood sugar and brings benefits to the cardiovascular system by increasing HDL good cholesterol and by reducing insulin resistance. Moreover, walking increases the oxygen flow to brain and improves memory, concentration and mood, the metabolism is active and the fats are burnt in an efficient way by counteracting obesity and diabetes. This last statement is demonstrated by a study performed by researchers in Harvard that isolated, in a sample of 12000 persons, 32 genes able to promote obesity. The scientists observed that, after a brisk walk for about an hour, the effects of these genes were halved. In addition to this, another study of the University of Exeter, United Kingdom, has observed that 15 minutes of a daily walk are enough to limit the mood for something sweet. Finally, a research of the American Cancer Society has shown that walking for an average of 7 hours or more per week has a protective effect on women health. In fact, the women that followed this recommendation had 14% lower risk to contract breast cancer in respect of those women who walked for three hours per week. This protection has effect also in presence of risk factors such as obesity or hormonal therapy. The same protection has been shown also for what concerns colon cancer. Normally, during our daily activities, we do about 5000 steps, beyond these steps, the guide lines say that for a correct activity other 5000 steps are required, done at a brisk pace. This will ensure healthy legs, a tonic heart and helps counteract water retention and cellulite. And if you are so lucky to live near the sea, or you can take profit during your holidays, also walking in the sea water is really beneficial. You should have gummy sandals in order to avoid stepping on rocks or shells and dive until water reaches half of your thighs, a sandy seabed is better. Walk for 15-20 minutes, water makes a massage to the skin, drain the legs, the resistance of water tones the blood vessels and stimulates the blood circulation in order to get slim legs and for a healthy body.

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